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The Pillars of Membership Benefits

  1. Inspiration: Immerse yourself in a supportive community of podcast professionals who are eager to share their knowledge, experiences, and insights. Discover new techniques, strategies, and creative approaches that will inspire you to deliver exceptional work in the industry.
  2. Outreach & Advocacy: Your work in the podcast industry is valuable, and we're here to protect your rights. Benefit from expert advice on contracts, licensing, intellectual property, and legal matters, ensuring that your creative contributions are safeguarded throughout your career.
  3. Community: Connect with fellow professionals who understand the intricacies of the podcast industry. Network, collaborate, and build lasting relationships with industry experts, creators, and innovators. Expand your professional circle and tap into a supportive network that can open doors and propel your career forward.
  4. Education: Education of the public value of services. Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive range of educational resources, workshops, and webinars designed specifically for podcast professionals. Learn from industry leaders, gain insights into emerging trends, and acquire new skills that will enhance your expertise and set you apart from the competition.

About The Membership


At the Podcast Professionals Association, we understand the unique goals and challenges that come with working in the podcast industry. You’ll connect with like-minded professionals who share your passion and are dedicated to your success. Together, we'll foster an environment that empowers you to reach new heights in your podcast career.

We are committed to helping you grow your skills, exceed industry standards, and push the boundaries of the industry. As a member, you'll find community, education and inspiration—all tailored to the needs of podcast professionals.

The Benefits

  • Listing in Exclusive Podcast Professional’s Directory to accelerate industry connections 
  • Opportunity to collaborate with vetted professionals in the industry
  • VIP access to monthly live and/or virtual educational events (designed with shorter presentations and longer Q&A sessions for best impact)
  • Exclusive & VIP access to live and virtual networking events 
  • Exclusive access to monthly “Insider Talks” where industry leaders come together to share insights, experience, challenges, etc. 


Coming Spring 2024:

  • Profile feature Page on the PPA website so YOU are FOUND in Google and the other search engines for possible job opportunities
  • Exclusive access to Podcast Professional’s Resource Tool Kit Portal
    • The Podcast Professional’s Resource library will include: recordings of past educational events, recommended tools widely used in the the podcast industry, resources, and tips to further develop your niche industry skills, grow your business, and polish your existing skills.

Podcast Professionals Membership Pricing

$250 for Annual Membership

We are now accepting memberships to qualified podcast professionals. This membership is open to anyone who lives in the US and its territories and meets the criteria outlined by the association.

  • $25 application fee (non-refundable)
  • $225 collected at time of application and covers 12 months.
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Experience GROWTH with a PPA membership!

PPA Member Services provides members with tools and resources to support their professional demands and interests. It's our mission to deliver benefits that positively impact members' business operations and career development, while at the same time strengthen the future of podcasting.

Whether it's business development tools, the latest industry updates on trends and technology, educational offerings, professional and wellness growth programs or opportunities to network with colleagues, PPA provides members with MORE valuable benefits that will make a difference to the bottom line of your podcast business.

Your Investment

Podcast Professional Membership 

$250 for Annual Membership

  • $25 application fee (non-refundable)
  • $225 collected at time of application and covers 12 months.
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